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Welcome to Physiowand

Intro & overview

A pelvic wand is a therapeutic device designed to help alleviate chronic pelvic pain, particularly in conditions like pelvic floor dysfunction, myofascial pain, and other related issues.

Physiowand, a pelvic wand introduced in April 2023, was designed by an entrepreneurial patient in collaboration with a registered physiotherapist with a special interest in pelvic function. Its improved design and cost-effective production offer South Africa (and elsewhere) an affordable, locally-manufactured ergonomically improved alternative for patients and pelvic therapists.

Pelvic wands have evolved over the last few years to follow an S-shaped design, enabling angular pressure on “trigger points” – tight, restricted pelvic floor muscles and connective or scar tissue – during DIY release of pelvic tension. A well-designed pelvic wand is also suitable for DIY therapeutic prostate massage - a drainage tool for the relief of chronic or acute prostatitis and long term treatment of an enlarged prostate. You can read more about the therapeutic use of pelvic wands further down this page.

There are several variations of the basic S-shape offered by different brands in the UK and USA: most wands are designed with a primary insertable “business end” with the other end serving as a handle; some have a double-ended configuration for dual use.

Most wands are designed for use with the patient/user in a supported, seated semi-reclined position – generally the most comfortable when performing DIY pelvic floor muscle release and prostate massage.

Material and manufacture

Physiowand is handcrafted in solid cylindrical medical grade clear acrylic.

Physiowand is available in 2 different models, identical in shape but in different diameters:

Design improvement features

Insertable end for posterior pelvic floor muscle release

Insertable end for anterior pelvic floor muscle release

Physiowand availability

Physiowand can be ordered by anyone from this website. Handcrafting Physiowand ensures a high-quality final product, and has a manufacturing cycle of about 10 working days per batch. We carry moderate volumes of stock to be able to balance cost and expediency of delivery. Stock levels will be increased in accordance with market demand, and dispatch for delivery is envisaged to be within a day or two from available stock.

If for some reason we run out of stock prior to the next manufacturing cycle, we endeavour to deliver within a fortnight of order. We will keep you informed of any such prevailing conditions upon order.

Posterior pelvic floor release

Anterior pelvic floor release and prostate massage

Physiowand pricing

Pricing for Physiowand is substantively lower than any imported product. The retail pricing for Physiowand when ordered from this website, is

Both prices are inclusive of 15% VAT but exclude shipping and delivery. We have a standardised shipping & delivery flat rate of R130,00 including VAT countrywide, and the good news is that up to 10 wands can be delivered for the same cost as a single wand, due to its economical and lightweight packaging. Professionals and resellers may wish to batch their orders to save on shipping and delivery cost.

IMPORTANT: Practicing physiotherapists, medical professionals and medical distributors/resellers

You are are eligible for a substantive standard discount off the above retail prices on all of your orders, upon approval of your application as one of the above qualifying entities/persons. To apply for the professional/reseller discount please Register an account first, and follow the instructions to apply for the discount on the registration web page.

Physiowand application

Physiowand is designed for self-treatment. Patients can use the wand in the comfort of their own homes under the guidance of a healthcare professional. This empowers individuals to take an active role in managing their pelvic pain and provides a cost-effective, convenient option for ongoing care.

Sketches below demonstrate the geometry by which the individually shaped Physiowand insertable ends target the anterior and posterior pelvic floor muscles in the supported back-reclined position.

Prototypes of Physiowand were patient-tested to fine-tune and evaluate the final design, confirming that Physiowand improves ease of use to target specific pelvic floor muscles and areas, in our opinion much more so than any other pelvic wand commercially available.

Performing DIY prostate massage is done using the same instrument insertable end and body position as for anterior pelvic floor release, but with a deeper insertion (approx 3” or 80 mm) to reach the prostate. It is recommended to only use Physiowand Model P20 for prostate massage due to its larger contact surface area. This will significantly reduce discomfort and the risk of pain or injury.

Model P15

Model P20

Physiowand packaging

Each Physiowand is individually sealed in a heavy-duty bubble mailer envelope to protect it from damage during shipping, which can also double-up to keep your Physiowand protectively stored after purchase. The package includes an accompanying product leaflet.

Although Physiowand is made of strong, durable solid acrylic and won’t break easily, it is susceptible to abrasion (scratches to its ultra-smooth and polished finish), and high heat damage if exposed to continuous temperatures exceeding 120°C. Physiowand will require only a very basic level of care to last the patient/user a lifetime.

Physiowand design

PhysioWand has been specifically designed as a double-ended wand. It has identically sized insertable ends but introduces different geometric curvature of the wand body at each end, as shown by the graphic representation on the right.

This enables a much improved angle of pressure to target and release the anterior and posterior pelvic floor muscles more accurately.

However, patients/users may use Physiowand in any configuration mode, depending on their unique circumstances and as advised by their pelvic floor physiotherapist.

More information about the therapeutic use of pelvic wands

DIY Treatment of pelvic pain

Physiowand is a therapeutic device designed to help alleviate chronic pelvic pain, particularly in conditions like pelvic floor dysfunction, myofascial pain, and other related issues. Here's how Physiowand may assist with chronic pelvic pain:

Here are some pelvic conditions for which a pelvic wand may be recommended:

DIY Therapeutic prostate massage and draining

Prostate massage is a technique that involves the physical stimulation of the prostate gland, typically for therapeutic or medical purposes. While prostate massage has been widely explored for potential health benefits, it is important to note that, as with the vast majority of “alternative” medical therapies, opinions vary among mainstream medical professionals and its use is not universally endorsed. There is, however, a vast compendium of anecdotal information available, indicating low risk (what is there to lose?) and positive benefits. Here are some purported benefits associated with prostate massage:







Prostate massage should be approached using common sense and caution, to avoid potential complications.